4-Week Gym Workout for Women to Get Back Shape

People always want to find out why most women always want to fit back to shape when they notice they are adding weight or after childbirth. It is all because they still want to look attractive and pretty. Now, do not tell me that 4 weeks of gym workout is not enough to get back that shape. It is more than enough especially if you follow the rules.

Why do you prefer to work out in a gym and not elsewhere? It is because the gym will help you concentrate more on your training. Again, you can find so much training equipment’s there to suit your body need.

You might still decide to get back your shape gradually rather than being in a haste by giving yourself a 4-week ultimatum. Well, the reason is thus: For women who go to workplaces or engage in different businesses, they would prefer to regain their normal shape immediately. Generally, all women need to keep shape, this can help their partners admire or desire them more.

Note: working out in the gym also accompanies eating a balanced diet otherwise trying to regain normal shape may not work effectively.

Make a calendar and stick to it

You have just 4 weeks to put back your shape to normal. In a month, having 4 weeks with 7 days in each week is a perfect plan. You can decide to train the whole day in each week depending on how overweight you are after delivery. You can as well choose to train for some selected days maybe 3 or 4 days in a week. This is because some other activities may need your attention. Again, you will need to circle out the exact time for your training. This means you can either choose to train in the morning or the evening; it all depends on your convenience.

Assign each piece of equipment for a particular week

There in the gym is some much equipment to help you train better than training outside or at home. Now for someone who wants to lose weight and get back the normal shape you need to make some choice of equipment. Among the equipment’s like the treadmills, exercise bike, weight training, the cable machine, and other stretch equipment you can find those for weight loss.

Map out the duration of your training

You cannot be training all day you need to map out the duration of your training. A stipulated time of 60 minutes on each training day could be enough. Again, when will it be necessary or convenient for you? Especially if you are a working woman or you are breastfeeding a baby. Then you need to find the best possible time to carry out some weight loss exercise, precisely in the earlier hours of the morning. This particular time can give you so many advantages. While the baby is still asleep and while it is not yet time for the office.

Training for the first week

You can start with the treadmill device. An hour workout using the equipment could help burn calories and reduce unnecessary fats. You can start with a slow pace movement then gradually increase your pace. Fortunately, enough, you can achieve 3 different types of training with this equipment. You can jog, walk or run and it is left for you to choose which to perform or to perform the whole three. Assuming you want to train using the 3 methods then you can start by walking for 45 minutes.  Next, increase your pace by jogging for another 45 minutes then end it with running for 10 minutes 

Training for the second week

Start the second week with flexibility exercise, although flexibility exercise may not burn many calories. They can help your body become lightweight and you can move with ease. There are many types of this workout. They are special ones among them that can rapidly enhance weight loss and give you back your shape. Here are 3 special ones to consider

The full body rolls

Hip and inner thigh stretch:  be in a seated position and join your feet together in front of you, while your hips are lying flat on the floor. stretch out your hands bend forward your chest and head towards your joined feet. This could last for 3 minutes. Then place both hands at the back of your head and gradually fall on your back while your both feet are still joined together. This could last for 3 minutes then repeat the 2 processes for 45 minutes before retrieving.

Pigeon poses

In doing the pigeon pose, you have to engage your hips, legs, and your hands on the floor. You can do it using different methods. Each method should last for 2 seconds then on a whole, you can stretch for 15 minutes

Ballet stretches

This flexibility exercise mostly has to start from your hips down to your feet. It is the act of sitting down and spreading your two legs to form a vertical or horizontal line. There are many methods of it, you can give each one 2 to 3 seconds then on the whole a 45 minutes workout.

Training for the third week

Start the third week with cycling, it is another way of burning calories and giving your body the required shape, it so deserves. Just as usually done with the treadmill in the first week. You can also apply the same method of starting from a slow to a faster pace. You can train with this equipment for 60 minutes.

Training for the fourth week

The fourth week is the concluding week and you should be experiencing your expected result by now. To wrap it up, the Power-lifting bar could do this. There are two different methods of powerlifting. You can choose to use the dumbbell or the barbell. Different ways are varying up to 100 ways of training with either of them. However, your aim should be to lose some of the flesh and gain a normal shape.

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