35 Most Loving Valentine’s Day Messages For your love

At the approach of lovers day, couples begin to imagine and think about what kind of love message to present to the other partner. Each of them would want to give the best surprise package to the other. Something that can melt the heart and leave it wondering in a land of fantasy, yet it is real. 

Valentine’s Day is usually a very special day for couples, lovers and of cause, family and friends are not left out.  Specifically, this race involves mainly couples and lovers. All because according to the history of lover’s day couples are the very reason for valentine’s day.  

Celebration of a special day as this starts with the most loving test messages you could ever imagine. Below are some of those messages:

Happy valentine honey: today is one memorable day in our lives. I wish us to make it the best and most fulfilling and just as it is I will start by saying, “I LOVE YOU, my love; I have always loved and will forever love.

I keep falling in love with you at the dawn of each new day and I sometimes wonder why, only to get the answer that you and you alone are meant to be mine now and forever. I love you my angel and happy valentine’s day

My love, I know every day is valentine’s day for us but today could be the most special of all. Love of loves, a kiss of kisses, and the rest is a memory to keep for the future. Happy valentine’s day.

Sometimes I wish you could be all mine, and just stop everyone else from looking at your sweet loving face. And stop them from touching your hands and even coming near you but I just realize that you are living inside me. Happy Val’s day my love.

Honey, we always say I LOVE YOU to each other, we have always shared those three words that it seems so common to us. Today I am going to make these words different by painting them with three colors, RED, WHITE, and PINK. This means you are my Val.

It’s amazing how you make me feel, I cannot imagine the love, it seems so magical to me, and as I wait for it to fade it keeps getting stronger. Stronger that is irresistible, my love you are simply the best for me. Happy valentine’s day honey.

I have no one to compare you with, even if I have, you are still the best choice for me. I will choose you again even if I have to die and reincarnate. You make me feel the world has no end. I love you most.

You are the most beautiful creature in my life, everything else could be a secondary option. You will never share the space you occupy in my heart with anyone. Today belongs to us and us alone, happy valentine my love.  

Sometimes, I wonder why even when I feel bad and I suddenly remember you, an overflowing joy immediately overcomes me. The thought of you always makes me feel lively I simply say to myself, “this is real love.” Happy valentine’s day honey.

I love loving you but who could ever stop me from doing so. This could be disastrous for me you know, and I may not survive it. Our love started together, it will grow together and die together. I love you more. Happy Val to you, my sweetie.

I always love everything about you, I love the way you get mad at me, I love the way you cuddle me like a baby, I love the way you look at me, I love the way you tease me. They all give me relief and make you more loving to me. Happy Valentine’s Day.

I keep falling in love with you at the dawn of each new day, even when you do me wrong I can only close my eye to imagine you saying, am sorry my love. Happy valentine’s day.

Valentine’s day is always once every 365 days. The only day that has a special color of red, white, and pink, a very special day to keep in memory. It is a day for us to love, cherish, and remember. You are my love, Happy lover’s day.

Today is Valentine’s Day. I am going to wear a red cloth signifying my heart, and a white cap showing my trust, then a pink glove showing your image. In my heart, I trust you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

To the one I love, the only one that makes me forget my sorrows and the inner me leap for joy. You are simply the perfect march for my soul. Happy Valentine’s Day.

What more could I say, action could have been more effective but I choose to write for record purposes and future remembrance. I have chosen to keep in mind that I love you, happy Val’s day, sweetheart.

Today I choose to draw a shape like a heart, it represents my heart, accept it for keeps and never discard it. It is all yours. Happy Valentine’s Day.

You have always been mine all other days, but today I choose to make it official. Let the whole world know you are one in a million and how I cherish you most. I love you.

My Love, today I will climb to the peak of the mountain and I will shout to the heavens, to recode it as a witness it is you or never. Let your soul leap for joy we truly belong together. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Sometimes when you are sleeping beside me, I lay awake gazing at you and wondering how my life would have been without you. My God! am so happy to have you. I love you dearly, happy Val’s day.

Every day, every hour, minute, and seconds. Every tick of the clock whenever we are together the air around these times always smells love. What more do I want, you are all in me. Happy Vals day my Love.

My love, your love always makes me do irrational things, and I sometimes think am insane but in the end, I realize it is just the power of love. Happy valentine to you honey.

If love proves to be an ailment, then our love must have reached the chronic level. This means no money or drugs can cure. It simply has no therapy and we just have to live with it forever. I love you most, Happy Val to you my love. 

I cannot settle for less, I do not even know what is wrong with me. The more I love you the more I thirst to love you but I think I am crazy about your love. Happy Valentine’s Day to you my heartthrob

How can I describe this, in everything I do I keep seeing a picture of you around me and smiling back at me. I know this is love because my heart is beginning to detest every other love. You are simply the best. Happy Val’s day Honey.

My heart has chosen you and vows never to let go. What then can I do, my heart is now a prisoner to your love, the only right decision I can make now is to follow my instinct. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.

Sweetheart, so much thought fills my mind on how to make today more desiring to you. You are all that matters to me and I do not care what the world may think. I Love you My Val.

Honey, if in the world beyond we could still find each other, I will make sure we never part again. You are so amazing I have never seen anyone compare you. Happy valentine my soul mate.

My love, look up at the stars in the sky, can you count them, if you can then it means you have the number of my love for you. If you cannot it also means, my love for you is countless. Happy valentine’s day.

I feel happy, contentment, and at ease, each day knowing you are my love. Knowing you are always around to inspire and enthuse me. God created you for my sake. I Love you My Val

You are my teacher because you have consoled me so many times. You are my Doctor because you have healed the wound in me also. You are my lawyer because you stood by me in times of trouble. Happy valentine my love.

Each time you are away from me I feel a wave of fear around me and thought that someone has taken you from me. When you are with me, I feel an overwhelming joy in me. This only means you are the one that completes me. Happy Valentine’s Day sweetie.

You are my first love, you are still my last love, I only pray that nothing inevitable takes us away from each other. We will remain together forever. Happy Val to you my only.

As we have a good time today, may it be a memorable one such that the angels in heaven will sing their praises? May we dance to the fun and mark this day as most enjoyable. Happy valentine’s day my love.

I have always realized this: you are the only thing that matters to me, today let us celebrate to the fullest. I love you Happy valentine’s day.


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