12 Things Men Look for In a Woman: Be Guided

When a man starts looking out for some qualities in a woman then it is time you start noticing his desire to get married. This is because men do not look out for traits when making friends with the opposite sex. They only look out for beauty as they are not yet ready for a serious union. But doing this is like predicting the future you know nothing about.

What then happens afterward, if the woman later becomes his wife? What if the woman is serious and vows to make the man marry her? whereas the man is just for fun. No one can certainly envisage the future.  This is why men must look out for traits right from the commencement of every relationship. Look out for the qualities right from the day you set your eye on her. If eventually, it did not turn positive then you have nothing to lose

Gone were the ancient days when a woman gets a marriage engagement without her consent. In those days, the union between a man and a woman is mostly by referring a woman to a man. The man would simply unite with the woman and then start building a home. In the long run, if the man spots out some flaws from the woman he quickly blames those who give him suggestions.

In modern times, men become wiser and choose to make the selection themselves. They have come to reason that since the women are going to spend their life with them, they have to carry out some assessment.

What are the qualities men look out for?

A best friend

Who do you think a best friend is? A best friend is a person who is always close to you and always in your imagination. Always giving you sweet memories of the past, someone you can share your secrets, problems with and make decisions with. Make plans with her and solve things together. This is what men look out for. A woman who will secure his heart and always be there for him come rain come sun.

A self-reliant woman

Being a burden to anyone can be frustrating, it is not that men want women who are workaholics. But the truth is, they would rather prefer if the woman is less demanding in terms of financial needs. Women can make financial demands but on rare occasions. Men lookout for women who have some reasonable source of income. At least the woman can help herself and also help him to some extent. Again, the woman can assist freely with some financial responsibilities.

An Industrious woman

The domestic responsibilities of the family are mainly for the women, although men can randomly help. Men detest lazy women; most men are not prone to domestic chores. So having a woman who is equally the same will make things worse. Men want women who understand their domestic responsibilities both within and outside the family. Women do not need to be told what to do or be sluggish in performing household tasks.

Women who understand and care

Dear women, do you know the secret behind a man’s love for a woman? A man will give a woman the love she desires if the woman understands his feelings better. Again, a man will run after a woman to win her love if the woman is the type that cares. Men so much value that word, “care,” from a woman. There is nothing that keeps a union stronger than understanding each other’s feelings and thoughts.

A self-disciplined woman

Men lookout for this kind of woman who knows her right from her wrong. Someone who can tell the difference between a stern look and a gaze, and immediately decode the words. A woman who understands when to react to issues and how to react, a respectful woman too.

Someone with self-confidence

When the man is not there to act, the woman is very much ready to act in place of her husband. While the man of the house is away on a long trip, the woman is available to handle things fine. While the man is having a biased mind towards problems, the woman is around him to strengthen him. Men look out for such kinds of women.

A courageous woman but not a feminist

There are two aspects of this, the positive and the negative. The positive is being courageous to face problems with the man and gain possible solutions. While the negative is: being courageous not to accept orders from the man. Men look out for the initial aspect but abhor the latter one. The fact that the man and the woman are one in any marital union seems not to go down well with most men. Especially in the aspect of the woman not being submissive to the man. Men search for women who can take bold steps and proffer solutions to problems. Who will always be there in times of famine and in the harvest?

A woman who is always grateful

A woman who understands the financial capacity of her man and seems to accept every situation that goes with it. She is always thankful for every little thing she gets from him. She accepts his man for who he is and equally returns every kindness with smiles. A woman who appreciates her man’s effort and always has the word, “thank you” on her lips.

Someone he can trust

Men lookout for someone they can always trust, a faithful woman who will love them for real. Someone who will never seek marital pleasure outside their union no matter the stormy weather. Who tells the truth because Lies are one of the things that destroy marriages. When the woman is always in the mood of telling the truth, it makes it easier for the man to understand and vouch for her.

A woman he can love

Not every love comes at first sight. Most men usually cultivate their love for women and it is through the woman’s character and behavior that can push him to love. Consequently, when a man loves a woman, he is ready to do everything for her while the woman gives respect in return.

A financial but not arrogant woman

Irrespective of the fact that men look out for self-reliant women, they also appreciate it more if the woman is the type who does not allow her financial capacity to give her pride. Some women become arrogant and less submissive when they are financially sufficient. They become even more haughty when they are richer than the man.

A homebuilder

Men look out for women who will not only respect him but also respect every other member of their family. As well as his friends and everyone connected to him. As is usually the case of most women who never like cooperating with the husband’s family, men detest such.

In conclusion, it is true that a man may not find all these qualities complete in a woman he chose but may be able to find 80 percent of it.


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