11 Ways to Take Good Care of Your Personal Health

People always say “health is wealth”, but does this saying make any impact on peoples reasoning today? I guess the answer is NO because surprising enough only a few realizes it. Not until when one gets sick of a particular disease will the person gets to understand the truth behind this saying.

No one ever prays or desires to get sick because illness can limit anyone’s movement or activities. There are many things that can help prevent some little illnesses and chronic diseases and staying healthy is one such way.

Being healthy is considered the most precious possession on earth. If you are a rich person and you become sick such that your money cannot cure your sickness, it means you are not rich. This is because you can’t control your richness neither can you be able to enjoy it. If the sickness is incurable it means the life span of such an individual is reduced, which is death at the least expected age. For this reason, living healthy should be a priority to your overall lifestyle.

Below are helpful tips to follow to adopt such practices.

1. Practice Balance Diet Nutrients

Most at times, when we see people who lived up to old age, we begin to wonder if they perform any kind of magic. The truth is, they take adequate care of their life. And one way of doing that is eating enough of the 7 classes of nutrients.

It is not enough that you eat those nutrients but it is also expected that you eat them in the required quantities, and proportions. While avoiding foods and drinks high in sugar, saturated and trans-fat, and also low fiber. Maintaining a healthy balanced diet helps prevent chronic disease and illness which reduces the expected life span in any individual. So, eating those 7 classes of foods help to keep life going and moving stronger.

2. Take enough water daily

Research has found out that drinking enough water helps to flush toxins that are built up in the body system which causes inflammation. Again, taking just enough amount of water needed for your body helps keep your skin balanced, well-hydrated, and smooth.

Now there are some other times that are necessary for you to take water apart from when you are feeling thirsty. Yes, you need to take water when thirsty, but aside from that, take one glass of water thirty minutes before your meal. This will help to digest the food after eating. Then drink water again an hour after eating in other for the body to absorb the nutrients. Give both periods a space of 30 minutes or an hour on them.

3. Exercise regularly

This is also very important to health. It is called physical activity and for you to live healthily you need it. Now some people might be living in an environment that might not easily expose them to doing exercise mostly on regular basis. If that is the case, don’t panic, you can do a few indoor exercises. But when the weather is clear, find time to do some outdoor exercise like road jogging, road walk, or sports.

But then when we do some of the domestic activities within the home like washing, sweeping, cleaning it’s also a form of exercise. Exercise helps in the free flow or proper circulation of blood in your body system. It also helps to reduce stiffness and joint pain and also helps to keep the brain alert at all times.

4. Get enough rest and sleep

Most people work more hours than is required during the daytime and are sleepless at night. This is not advisable at all.  We need to work for the hours required to work and get enough sleep as required. But remember this, when you sleep your blood pressure goes down and your blood vessels get some rest. But when you sleep less your blood pressure is likely to keep rising which may result in stroke and heart disease. Remember also that the best form of resting is to get enough sleep.

5. Avoid much intake of sweet foods and drinks

It is true that most foods, and fruits we take on a daily basis contain little or much sugar even the drinks we take. But it’s much advisable to regulate those intakes, that is why we need to practice a balanced diet. Take them in the required quantity and dosage, avoid taking them on daily basis. Taking excess of those sweetened foods and beverages can expose one to weight gain. And also a rise in blood sugar level causing diabetes and other dangerous illness.

6. Eat moderately

Don’t always get over-feed, if you don’t know how to eat moderate then you can choose to eat little. Eating little will do you no harm, but can only make you slim and give you a nice figure and body shape. Even when you are trying to maintain a healthy balanced diet. You should always remember you are expected to eat every food and fruit in the required proportion and quantity.

Taking more foods to get over-feed is likely to cause some bad effects on your health. When you eat more than is required, you are creating room for fat, likely overweight or obesity. In its simplest form it isn’t a good habit because, for every intake of food, your body uses some of the calories you eat for energy. While the rest is reserved as fat and so with this, you can see that taking much food will expose you to too much fat leading to a risk of chronic disease.

7. Avoid much intake of alcohol and smoking

When you take alcohol, it is best to take it moderately or some bit of it. But if you can, choose abstinence. It reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Much intake of it can cause belly fat and weight gain. It can also expose you to some cancer diseases like cancer of the liver, throat, and breast. It can even affect your immune system. So, choose either to desist, take some bit or moderate amount of it.

8. Treat your wounds properly

Some time ago my little boy got injured by a sharp stone. He hid it from me and was nursing the pain and opening quietly. All the same, applying some tissue paper over it to prevent flies and more bleeding. I never found out until he felt sick and the wound almost got infected. When such a thing as this happens, the first thing is to carry out a first aid treatment by a nurse or wound dresser. Then next Get your wounds properly treated by taking injections and drugs. You don’t expect to be healthy when you are having cuts and injuries in any part of your body.

9. Practice personal hygiene

Take your baths on regular basis, brush your teeth, take care of your nails, treat your hair and keep your clothes neat. What about your homes and surrounding? If you overlook them and they are kept dirty and untidy, you are exposing your health to the danger of getting ill soon.

10. Take your drugs as prescribed by your doctor

Until now you may not know it. When you skip some of the drugs prescribed to you by your doctor. Maybe you felt you have recovered after taking your drugs for 4 days out of the 6 days dosage prescribed to you. You are taking a risk because a slight disappearance of the illness may not mean you have fully recovered. Always complete every dosage before concluding the final result of your health.

11. Control your weight

Being overweight can cause obesity as a result of too much cholesterol in the body. Now, look at this! Eating more food than is required is not the only way to gain more weight. Sleeping all the time especially when it’s not required for you to sleep and doing less exercise can actually make you gain more weight overnight. Weight management is important and necessary for quality health.

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