10 Ways to Build Emotional Intimacy; A New Love Relationship

Building emotional intimacy in a relationship that just began isn’t so easy and might lead to a process that takes time to work. But when worked out is most rewarding and enjoyable. There’s a difference between an old relationship that started long ago and a new relationship that might just be a week or some days old.

What couples want in every relationship is a total commitment towards each other. A commitment that involves love, happiness, and trust. Even if the old love life doesn’t work out, there is every need to try loving again. Which will eventually lead to a new relationship.

Now when you find yourself trying to build a new relationship, you start learning from the experience of the past relationship. Having had an old experience, you will likely want to build the new one by putting in all your effort. Trying your best, also believing it to stand the test of time,

At this stage, you need to understand that including emotional intimacy will actually help not only to build but to also make your newfound relationship last forever. Such that will be worthy of emulation by people around.

Emotional intimacy in a relationship is described as having a complete feeling of closeness and bonding between partners. Cherishing each other, and also have feelings of trust, and security. Including constant communication is very perfect in existence.

Looking at this description one can easily find out that for every love relationship to stand strong and last eternally, you need to work it out. Each partner needs to contribute and put in each other’s best. But of all things, “Love” is the foremost option to realize because when it is realized then every other thing fell naturally in place.

Below are ways to help in building emotional intimacy when starting a new relationship that you are willing and expecting to last for a lifetime.

1. Be supportive

Basically, what couples should look out for in a new love relationship is emotional maturity, ability to think before they act. Give each other attention and listen while the other person speaks and then understand what to say or conclude. Show interest in what your partner is doing and know when to step in. Admire and respect each other in public by uplifting each other’s spirit.

2. Be Vulnerable

This simply means the highest extent of courage, and willingness of each partner to expose his or her feelings. You need to surpass the fear of being rejected, having shown your true self. Vulnerability gives room for each partner to know each other’s feelings, thoughts, and challenges, as well as weaknesses. Although there is the other side of any of them being so, one of them may nurse the fear of being judged.

3. Love and cherish your partner

I think this is the first thing couples who are coming together newly should work on. Now, as the Bible says that, “love bears all things”. When your intimacy starts with love, the relationship will flow swiftly. Loving your partner entails telling the whole world that you cherish him or her most. Talk good about each other to friends and families. Talk and do things that will build confidence about your love for each other, like meeting the needs of each other.

4.. Don’t be afraid of conflicts

Conflicts are disagreements that sometimes occur between couples, and it’s very normal for it to happen because they are humans, they are not perfect. It serves as an opportunity for each partner to air their grievances because none of them is flawless. But then conflicts should be handled more maturely. Still, it isn’t a bad thing when couples engage in conflicts because it paves way for a change.

When the problem is finally resolved, it strengthens the relationship by increasing trust, and deeper understanding. It brings them closer and gives respect to each other. Finally, it will help them to understand how best to resolve their indifference in the future.

5. Be concerned about your partner’s welfare

Both partners should desire each other’s success and progress. Seek for one another happiness and care for each other’s health. It also includes showing concern for financial assistance.

6.  Study your partner and get used to each other

Everybody has his or her shortcomings, and so for a relationship where both parties are starting new, there is a much need for patience. Learn and understand each other’s character, behavior, and how best to handle situations surrounding those manners. Most times it’s good to add humor when exhibiting some characters or manners in other to avoid offenses, or hurting the other person’s feelings.

7. Offer Compliments

Shower him or her with praises and appreciation. Say often and even at all times “Please Dear”, or “Thank you, my Love”. You can always address him or her gracefully by saying “My Love”, “My Honey”, “My Sweetheart” and stuffs like that. Even when in a state of argument, still proceed with these words of compliments. Using these compliments helps mellow down anger and frustration.

8. Ask questions about each other’s lifestyle

This only means getting to know each other better and deeper. This is very necessary as each person during chats and intimate conversation talks about their past lives and engagements. Even future proposals, maybe they are growing up, school days, or how they spend their adolescent days. By telling each other their stories, they provide room for questions about each other. With this, they get to communicate more often and be more intimate with each other. Remember, when asking questions, ask healthy questions.

9. Don’t assume the worst of your partner

When you start assuming things in a relationship that has just started some few months, it means you are trying to believe that everything you see or hear about your partner is real. When you do this, you are easily calling for an argument which might result in a fight and eventually bring the relationship to an end.

For example, just because you overheard him chatting with another lady on phone, you immediately assume and conclude he is keeping an affair outside. He is cheating on you. Instead of believing those things or some stories like that which you are never sure of, stay positive and concentrate on the happenings between you two. Try to approach the situation with calmness in a mature way, by so doing you will figure out the truth.

10. Focus on physical affection

In other to gain stronger emotional intimacy, try always and at all times to practice romantic sensations like, kissing, holding hands, hugging, caressing, and the like of these. This aspect usually enhances the intimacy between both. Whenever both parties are around, maybe back from the workplace or a trip, they need to always stay together and do things like cook, bath, and stay more often together.

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