10 Unhealthy Eating Habits That Is Not So Good

The best practice of eating is dishing out your food into a plate, taking it to the dining table, sitting down with an apron on your lap, and eating quietly. Up to the present time people still engage in this practice. but sometimes we consciously or unconsciously abnormally consume our foods without minding the effect.

Unhealthy eating is the manner and style an individual uses to consume his foods, which might be detrimental to health. This various manner, which does not align with the eating rules, can sometimes cause issues that may affect healthiness in humans.

The stomach is one vital part of the human body that needs special attention when allowing any ingestion of any substance. It is not alright if you eat anyhow or inappropriate. For instance, someone having stomach distress will feel very uncomfortable and unable to carry out any activity. Most stomach pains usually result from what we eat and how we eat them.

Most unhealthy eating habits include:

Lying down immediately after eating

This is not a healthy habit as it can cause indigestion to the individual’s body. This can result in a rise in stomach acid. I have done it once, the result almost got me throwing up. Medical experts suggest lying down at least three hours after taking meals. This hour interval will allow all the foods you chew to properly pass through the GI track down to the intestine. As far as the human body system works. This applies to both adults and newborn babies. Nursing mothers should allow proper digestion of food after breastfeeding their babies before retiring them to sleep.

Walking along the road while eating

If you happen to pass by someone eating while walking along the road you will, by all means, turn around to look at the fellow again. It gives an impression of one who is insane. It does not look all right; consequently, the act of eating when one is walking can cause indigestion. Sometimes you might be starving hard and feel like eating immediately anywhere you are. The best thing in this situation is to quietly sit somewhere and consume your edible then afterward continue your journey. Doing this will help you relax and also help the food digestion take place giving you new strength.

Talking to yourself while eating

This could happen either way. You may either be soliloquizing to yourself or saying it out when you are alone not mind that you are eating. I once experienced it personally, I was arguing some issue in my mind, then all of a sudden, the food came choking my breath. For three to five seconds, I battle with my breath before I regain it again. Talking while eating, either to yourself or to someone else around can cause the food to escape to the windpipe and at the same time trigger a cough. This can get serious.

Lying down while eating

Each time you decide to lie down and eat you stand a chance of contracting gastroesophageal reflux. This illness can be very harmful to your body system. But a lot of people argue that most sick people lying in their sickbed do eat while lying down. The answer is simply that it is not advisable to allow such except if the patient is having back pain.

If the patient is unable to sit up then you can use a pillow to support him at the back.  The pillow will help the patient to raise his head a bit. When this is done, the food can pass down freely and avoid the content in the stomach from returning up into the esophagus.  

Eating one class of the food

Analyzing most of the foods we eat on daily basis, a great number of them contain sugar, even in fruits. That is why forming the habit of eating a balanced diet is very necessary. In a case where an individual is always seen consuming one class of food especially if the food mainly consists of carbohydrates, it is seen as an unhealthy eating habit. Again, eating all the classes of food does not signify a good habit. The important aspect is preparing your meals with rich ingredients that support a healthy meal.

Eating and drinking too much water

It is not advisable to drink water while eating, but in some cases where the need may arise, you don’t need to drink too much. Drink water30 minutes before eating and also 30 minutes after eating. Drinking too much water while you are eating can cause water intoxication. This can further lead to overfeeding whereas you have only eaten a few spoonsful of food.  The only case that can avail your drinking water while eating is where the food has much pepper. However, you must avoid adding much pepper in your meals as this can also cause indigestion

Eating while arguing with someone.

Having an argument with someone and at the same time eating your meals can be very risky. Alternatively, you are eating then starting an argument, either way can cause a lot of damages. First, your nervous system will rise the stress hormones in you. This can slow down your appetite or cause you to lose the taste for further ingesting. Second, you may stop eating the food immediately if the anger in you swells. Third, the food can accidentally choke your breath causing great damage.

Eating Unhealthy foods

Many people find it difficult to eat three square meals. Even when they eat, either it is lacking a complete diet or it is just a piece of junk food. If you eat these unhealthy foods occasionally, they can be tolerable but regularly eating can cause chronic illness. Most life-threatening diseases like cancer, diabetics, and stroke are usually associated with poor feeding.

Eating between meals

This is eating between intervals of square meals, eating after breakfast and before lunch, and still having your lunch afterward. This is likely to cause obesity. It is more preferable to take some water or light snacks within the hours left before the next meal. Most people do not get hungry easily especially if the first meal is solid enough to retain hunger to the next meal hour. For this reason, eating when not hungry is another way of adding weight and an increase in blood sugar levels.  It is more advisable to take fruits and vegetables at a situation when you find yourself not famish

Not preparing your food neatly

Unhealthy eating does not only include how you consume your food. It also involves how neat those foods are. Preparing your meals in a dirty kitchen can cause you ill health. It can also cause further sickness if you do not wash your foods properly before you cook. What about your pots, and other utensils how neat they are goes a long way to determine how healthy the food you eat becomes?

Healthy eating habit is very important for a healthy lifestyle.


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