Preventing Infections: 10 Simple Things You Can Do Daily

Infection diseases are diseases that can be passed from one person to another through body secretion, body contact, insect bites, or other means by blood or fluid. This is a disease that is caused by living organisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites.

Infections are the worse enemy to human beings and it is always advisable to keep track and seek security measures to avoid been infected than to be ignorant and contact the disease. When these organisms find their way to any human body, they multiply and cause harm or illness.

The body of every human being is prone to infection because those germs are living within our environments. we come in contact with them on daily basis. Even the air, when we breathe in bad or polluted air, it goes into the body to cause some harm and make us sick. The food we eat on daily basis can also serve as a means of contacting them if they are not neatly handled. Now, what do you think might happen if we fail or neglect the presence of these diseases. They will automatically develop into a chronic stage, a condition that might not be curable.

For this reason, we need to take some precautions in order not to fail victims of infections.

1. Maintain Good Personal Hygiene

This involves taking your bath twice every day, keep your mouth clean, wash your clothes, keep your hair and nails neat at all times.

2. Avoid People with Infections

This doesn’t actually mean you cannot talk to them or mingle with them. You can do all these but, you need to be extra careful because most of these diseases are contracted through body secretion.

3. Avoid Sharing Personal Belongings with Others

There are many infectious diseases like STD which doesn’t require people with such disease to give out or take some personal items. Sharing of inner wears and towels should be avoided this is because the person who is sharing the items might be a carrier

4. Get Tested for Sexual Transmitted Disease

Sometimes, people notice itches and pains in their private parts, and other times it can be a lump. They are diseases that come from the contact between a man and a woman. So, whenever you notice such itches and pains, it’s best to consult a doctor or specialist for proper medication.

5. Prepare Your Food Neatly

When preparing foods, first make sure the environment where you are cooking is very neat and tidy. Wash every ingredient that needs to be washed properly and cook them very well too.

6. Wash Your Hands Always

This is very necessary because, the hand is always used more often than any other part of the body and it easily touches the eye, mouth, and the rest organs. When you make it a habit to always wash your hands, you will get used to it and avoid the risk of being infected.

7. Exercise Caution with Animals

Most of the domestic animals that live within the home need to be taken good care of. For example, the dog and cat. Now and then these animals should be taken to their Doctors for proper cheek up. This is because these organisms always perch on their bodies and any human being that comes near them can easily contract germs.

8. Use Safe Lavatories

We must keep our toilets clean at all times. Especially the body of a woman which is more exposed than the body of a man. Germs and bacteria are found to be living in dirty toilets and, when people go there to dispose of them, they get contracted.

9. Treat Wounds in The Body Properly

When injured by any object or had an accident any wound resulting from this should be properly treated, by taking the required injection and medication.

10. Practice Safe Sex

It’s more advisable to abstain from sex if you are still single. Then for the married couple, it’s best to stay together and avoid extra-marital affairs.

Disinfect Your Environment Daily

Thorough cleaning and spraying of disinfectant within your environment are necessary. Cut bushes around the home to avoid insects. Make sure the trash bin is emptied at all times and don’t allow stagnant water near your houses.


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