10 Signs of A Toxic Relationship to Note About

A toxic relationship is an affair that is far from being healthy. It is a marital union or family, which has no trace of happiness and peace of mind. The signs are those traits that make the relationship uncomfortable and unbearable.

Generally, when we talk about toxic relationships, we tend to judge the situation collectively. We place the man and woman together and talk about the situation that surrounds their relationship.

We do not judge them individually but collectively as regards what is happening between them. We describe every situation as either healthy, unhealthy, or partially. Therefore, a toxic relationship could be an unhealthy relationship.

There are so many cases where people do not take into consideration signs of unhealthy behaviors. They do not seem to prioritize the safety of their affair when dealing with the opposite sex. The cause of such a thing could result from the initial conviction or attraction of the other person’s physical endowment or high financial capacity.

Individually they tend to mean seriousness at the beginning of the relationship. For this reason, they overlook certain behaviors and characters. This should not be so because as time goes the affair might take a more serious dimension. This dimension might lead to marriage and at this point, ugly traits might become difficult to avoid.

Therefore, the truth remains that couples should also watch out for toxic traits as they also seek physical endowment. It is very important to look out for those signs before venturing into any relationship.

What are those signs?

Poor communication habit

Ineffective communication can be a threat to any relationship. When partners communicate properly, it signifies that the union is active and responsive. Even when issues arise no matter their kind, the grass root to solving those problems lies in an effective communication.

It is through constant interactions that both parties can understand each other’s moods and predict each other’s character. When a relationship lacks good communication, it becomes like a baby born without life yet the baby lives. The relationship is toxic. This simply means good communication is what gives life to a relationship.

Being overly possessive of the other person

When one partner in a relationship is being too selfish about everything in the union. He or she is always clinging to things as if his life depends on them, “be all mine”. This is not a good sign, as the other person will feel deprived and limited to access.

The overly possessive fellow will constantly nurse feelings of insecurity and will always want to be in control of things around. It starts from dictating and monitoring the movement of the other person to not allowing him or her some extent of freedom.

Showing narcissism

Many relationships today face the problem of either or both partners being a narcissist or feeling self-important. A relationship can be toxic when one partner is overly concentrated on his affairs.

It is to Have poor regard for the other and would never want to discuss the other person’s issues. Yet in the midst of this still want the other person’s admiration and regard. The effect could make the other person who is not a narcissist feels abandoned and less regarded.  

Being unnecessarily jealous

When jealousy becomes the order of the day in any relationship, it could be caused by low self-esteem. It can also result from a lack of confidence. It could get more severe if the intimacy between them is lacking a strong foundation. Yet again, when one is making progress the other is feeling envious. While having the impression that the other person is trying to gain more power, these are signs of a toxic relationship.

Lacks mutual friendliness

When two people in a relationship are always in the mood of seriousness. Everything about them lacks humor; it may be difficult for such a relationship to stand. The use of hilarity is very important to make a relationship healthy.

When couples include jokes in their discussions and sometimes in their behaviors, they are likely to last longer in their relationship.  

Not been helpful towards each other

It becomes a problem where one partner or one member of a family becomes emotionally down but the other partner feels undisturbed. Again, where one partner requires financial support, the other who might have the capacity is unwilling to help.

Yet again, in times of economic disability one partner may be unwilling to show empathy and compromise on the situation. These are signs that make a relationship toxic.

Trying to intimidate the other

Constantly nagging and threatening your partner over little issues that would easily resolve in a more understanding manner is intimidation. Those words could make the person afraid and always have feelings of insecurity.

Sometimes those threats may not be taken seriously by the threatener but it goes a long way to describe danger. On the other hand, the one who is threatened will always nurse sadness and anxiety.  

Domestic violence

Generally, this could mean being in an abusive relationship where the use of repeated ugly behaviors is common. It ranges from verbal abuse to physical assaults. At the end of each day, there must be a record of quarreling and physical punches. That relationship is indeed toxic.

Lacks trust

A relationship that lacks trust is probably going to have lots of betrayals and suspicious activities. Then what is left of the union is only to disengage and move on separate ways. Maybe you may not completely trust your partner in a relationship but there should be some extent or trace of belief in it.

Where trust is found to be zero % then it is as good as not having to be in the relationship. Trust is very important that is why people need to gain a clear understanding of their partner. This will enable them to stand up for each other in times of trial.

Where there is Infidelity

Unfaithfulness is a very common issue in relationships but should not be a tradition. Both men and women engage in this illustrious game regardless of their status but it ruins a relationship.

The man or woman who engages in the act confronts a difficult choice of either having more time in the relationship or with the external affair. This in its true nature makes the relationship a toxic one.