10 Important Things Every Woman Look for In a Man

There are two perceptions about women that people usually conceive when it comes to getting married. The same view also falls in line when they engage in courtship or dating with the opposite sex. This idea believes that women look for men who are either rich or attractive. Now the question is should a woman look for gold or the fineness of gold when seeking a relationship with a man? No rather seek for gold, seek for the stuff the gold is made of.

Every woman has a reason for getting into a relationship with a particular man. It is not just for the reason of being married to that man or trying to have shelter under his roof. The truth is that women at a certain level in life opt for any man without attaching any significant issue towards the relationship.

Can this perception be true? That at a certain age woman gives up hope of ever getting into a relationship with a man. For this reason, they tend not to look for anything if eventually, the opportunity calls. That is not true, as every woman who strongly desires to be with a man should also look out for some positive traits from him.

The issue of looking out for positive behaviors when it comes to man and woman relationships is important. The purpose for such is that both will live together till death. The need for tolerance, acceptance, endurance, and forgiveness is expected. Therefore, each has to look out for things they can easily tolerate from the other.

Women specifically want love from a man

Notwithstanding every other thing, the most significant thing a woman so desires from her partner is LOVE. They want to feel accepted and welcome in his presence. Consequently, the woman has left her parents’ home to unite with the man in his home. She expects to see the man’s family giving her a treatment of belonging with them. this starts from the man showing her a good level of affection. Then the man’s siblings, parents, and all other relations and friends. This treatment starts from the period of courtship, knowing each other and realizing they will have something in common. All these make her have a high sense of belonging with the new family.   

Women look out for total commitment

The most painful thing a woman would ever regret having in her life is a man who is disloyal and unfaithful even to the core. No woman would ever want to welcome the idea of sharing her man with another woman. That is why most times when a man starts cheating on the woman the only option for her becomes a divorce. On the contrary, no woman wants separation after union or heartbreak while in the union. They simply want the man to be committed towards her so long he pledges his love for her. This commitment starts from courtship; all along, the woman looks out if the man is the type that can adapt to commitment.


If the source of unhappiness is coming from the man’s immediate family (his parents and siblings). It could be tolerable and can meet a solution. However, where the cause of unhappiness is from the man, it becomes a red flag. Women look out for contentment and where they cannot find happiness, it becomes a crisis to her. All because she might end up living in sadness all through her union with the man and that is if she eventually endures to the end.

A man with a reasonable financial means of income

Most often a time when a woman tells her parents about a particular man she is dating. The first question that comes to their lips is, “what does he do for a living?” They would want to know what business or job he owns. This will go a long way to determine the kind of person he is. Besides this, no woman would want to associate with a man who has no reasonable means of income.

Supposing the woman is the jobless one it can be tolerable but where the reverse is the case, it is not in place. Therefore, women lookout for men who have some reasonable and legal means of income, no matter the capacity. Most women are ready to help the man rise further.

A responsible man

A man’s Responsibility simply means being in charge, owing up to necessary duties without having anyone to tell him to do so. A responsible man would want to take care of every monetary issue in his family. Even if the woman has to help, she can do so voluntarily. Women do not want men who forcefully extract money from them. A man who is envious and would want her to share or take up his duties for him. Most times family responsibilities usually become the results of conflicts between couples. This drives women crazy and they look out to avoid it.

A hardworking partner

It is very important to note the difference between responsibility and hard work. The difference is this: hard work is being industrious and trying to be productive, struggling to solve financial issues. While responsibility means understanding and taking up his role in solving financial issues. A certain man can be hard-working but irresponsible and vice versa. Women lookout for men who know that life challenges can compel them to try other means of financial breakthrough.   

Someone they can submit to

Some women are weak naturally, they usually find it difficult to have things in control when the man is not there. Such women would rather prefer to take every instruction from their partner than take their own decision. Therefore, they look out for men who will always lead the way, even when they are not visible, they can reach out to them through any means.  

A man who is always grateful

This is another way the man can show appreciation to the woman. Another form of telling the woman that he loves her. It is usually difficult for most men; they feel the woman must render every duty that calls for being grateful. It only takes a handful of men to understand how important it is to be grateful towards their women. Women however love this aspect because it helps them to understand better, who their man is.

Someone who is self-denying

Women look out for men who also care about their feelings as well as any forth-coming member of the union. Someone who can do things without objecting its cost so far it is for the good of his woman. A selfless person.

Women look for the man to be a hero

Among the natural endowment of every man, the visible aspect is being courageous and daring. This merely means they can defend and protect their prey to any extent in life. Women lookout for this.

Finally, from all indications men and women lookout for different things from each other. What men want is about how they view women. While what women want is about what they desire from men.   


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