10 Great Benefits of Jogging: How My Health Improved

Many times, people confuse jogging as running due to the similarities, although they are both Aerobic exercises. Thus, when you send a little child to go get you something a bit distance away and at the same time demand that he should go fast. If the little child jogs to get it, you can still interpret it as running. So far, the action of, “go” is accomplished your conviction can further become genuine when you observe that the young person’s breath is coming faster.

Jogging is the ability to either walk at a higher pace or run at a slower pace, without giving the body much pressure for fatigue. Therefore, we can categorically describe jogging as standing between walking and running. So, if you are moving with your two legs, and you are not walking or running it means you are jogging. So far, it produces an action of movement

This exercise is one of the best ways of keeping to healthiness, although some peoples view about it is that it is only for those who want to lose weight. But that’s a very wrong impression because there are many great benefits you can derive from jogging. Below are there

1. It gives the individual more strength and energy to become flexible and able to perform his daily activities with easiness.

2. it helps to strengthen your bones and muscles, thereby reducing those pains that associates with older age.

3. It keeps the mind and body alert and active by improving mental consciousness

4. The more you jog on daily basis the more it enhances the blood circulation throughout your body system

5. It helps to improve the individual’s cardiovascular system

6. While you keep jogging frequently, the older you grow the stronger in health and body.

7. It helps an individual to burn excess fat by losing weight.

8. A thirty minutes to sixty minutes jogging in a day will keep your body warm and fit

9. It helps to build body stature, giving you the shape of one who is striving to get taller.

10. It helps to reduce regular and irregular pains that might occur during emergencies. Pains that do not associate with accidents having an opening in any part of the body.

We cannot limit the benefit of jogging to any extent. We can keep on listing on and on until one elaborates on how it personally improves his health condition.  I testify to how jogging improved my health.

How My Health Improved

Every morning I wake up feeling pains and feverish, at first, I believe it to be one of these early morning fevers. I consult a specialist who told me I could be in my early pregnancies; I thought I could believe him too. Therefore, I started taking my drugs and injection but it did not cease. Anyway, the fever left but the pains come persistently. I am not the type that delights in taking tablets so when the fever left me, I resolve to allow the pain to subside on its own.

The pain comes heavily on my arm and waist and most time I guess it must be because of my sleeping posture.  I always cuddle my pillow and squeeze my legs together like a newborn baby whenever I sleep. I am still wrong in my observation.

The body system of every individual functions differently as well as the way humans adapt. Most physical activities can improve the body system of certain people when they feel unwell. For such people, the simple thing they need to do is some sort of exercise to get fit. While somebody system, need proper medication to get recovery from illness.

The true notion is that every individual should understand fully well how his body system works to be able to adapt in times of illness. In my case, I thought I could use some medications or even more so I ignore the pains, but that’s wrong.

One morning Jerome my neighbor storm out of his house in a sports outfit. Looking at him, shows clearly, he is going for a road walk or jogging. But surely, he is going for a body-training workout. I gaze at him steadily as he kick-starts his jogging and soon disappears.  I thought it would be a great thing to join him, then on second thought, I remember the pains I experience every morning.

I thought if it could be possible to jog with those pains. Coming back from the workplace at sunset the next day I put on my sports outfit in readiness for the workout. “Hi Jerome I call out to my neighbor; can we do some jogging.” I was not expecting the positive answer he gave me. I thought his usual morning joggings is enough for him but surprisingly he said, “yes.” That is how we start jogging in the twilight. Most times he jogs in the morning and still joins me at sunset for another round.

Did my health improve?

Back to my health, the pains I have always experience as I wake up each morning are no longer there, I always feel fresh and whole. Yes, indeed my health had an improvement with the regular jogging.

How did it work?

1. Every evening at sunset, I call out to Jerome and we do some 30 to 45 minutes jogging  

2. Coming back from jogging I do 2 simple stretch workouts

3.  Then again, I jog around the neighborhood until I exhaust my energy

4. Next, I take my birth, drink water and a cup of coffee

5. The next minute I am fast asleep

From then on, I wake up feeling like a newborn baby full of energy while my early morning pains disappear like the thin air.

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