10 Great Anaerobic Exercises You Need to Know

Anaerobic exercises are those simple high-intensity workouts that are done quickly over a shorter period. It is usually concluded when its victim becomes exhausted. As the high intensity varies so is the training duration.

For instance, taking one of the exercises like running. The moment you kick off running you are likely not to stop until you get tired. Now, this running does not last longer in duration because the moment you start, it only lasts for a few minutes. Based on facts it does not require much oxygen.

Anaerobic exercise is different from aerobic workouts, while the former deals with increased intensity over a short period. The latter deals with endurance over a prolonged period of training. The following are some anaerobic workouts you need to know


Cycling is one of the best anaerobic workouts which you can perform either outdoor or within your home. It helps to burn calories while applying increased intensity, the duration can give the preferred effect. Due to its high intensity, great results can be achieved within a limited training.

Cycling helps to improve muscle strength and promote cardiovascular fitness. The benefits are numerous which include strengthening bones and also help burn fat. Most of the illness that demands management cycling could aid in their relief.

Squat jump

This is another anaerobic exercise that goes with increased intensity. It requires strength training and provides cardiovascular benefits. Regardless of the quick duration, it is one way of working out your hips, buttock, and legs.

Stand on your two legs, and then gradually bend your knee allowing your hips parallel to your hip. On a sitting position with hands stretch out. while in a complete squat position lift your feet and whole body off the floor and jump.

The squat is one training workout that helps your butt, hips, and leg relax and become free of pains. The benefits include muscle strength building, straightening muscles at the leg, and helping blood circulation.


The Push-up workout is training that might seem difficult to do as it involves very high intensity. But it can give the best result when done properly. Just like other anaerobic exercises, it helps to burn calories, help restore flexibility and improve balance.

The push-up exercise involves the shoulder, arms, and chest, training while using different methods still gives the desired result.

Jumping rope

Skipping or jumping rope is one simple anaerobic workout that may not require a tough method to carry out. It has a high intensity and very short duration. A few minutes of skipping exercise on daily basis could improve blood pressure, and help to balance metabolism. Now as you throw the rope across your head while lifting your body from the ground helps to boost your immune system.

Torso twist

This exercise is the same as training in different forms of stretches in different directions. It also has a short duration with quick intensity. Performing a torso workout could give your body the desired flexibility. Daily training can enhance strong muscles and abdominals, and ease your body movements. Torso twist could help sports competitors because it will accelerate body flexibility during completion.

Bench press

The bench press is another anaerobic workout that mainly targets the muscles of the upper body. It also needs quick training but this workout involves using a bench, a barbell, or a dumbbell.  It helps to increase body strength and help gives credit to your endurance. You could develop a chest muscle if you train occasionally.


Sprinting is an exercise that clearly states itself as anaerobic; it involves running a short distance at a very high intensity within a short duration. Most times people involve it in their sports to help straighten bones and joints. It helps to increase endurance that spells for a shorter period. It increases heart health and burns fat easily.  But one visible benefit is that it improves speed and enriches your cardiovascular health.


Running clearly defines the meaning of an anaerobic workout. It is not jogging because you can jog at a slow pace for a longer duration. Running is conducted at a high speed and in a short space of time while utilizing the available oxygen.  It is a very simple exercise, which helps to burn fat and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Running could help you enjoy good sleep at night and increase concentration.  


Plyometrics are exercises done with high intensity and with force within the shortest duration. It is a jump workout aimed at increasing speed in strength.  The different methods include box jumps, tuck jumps, and clapping push-ups. It is aimed at increasing muscle strength and helping to burn calories. Athletics can benefit from this exercise.

Bicycle crunch

A fast and quick exercise that involves extending your leg as if you are peddling a bicycle while lying down with your back on the floor. This exercise increases core strength. This anaerobic workout can give you a flat stomach by burning the fats around your waist.