10 Effects of Poor Nutrition on Your Health

What is poor Nutrition?

Poor Nutrition is eating unhealthy foods that lack a balanced diet, it is also Malnutrition. It is a situation where the body is deprived of essential nutrients, which consist of the 6 classes of food.

There are two ways involving poor eating habits. The first is undernutrition: this is depriving oneself of foods that contain enough nutrients on daily basis. While the second is over nutrition, which is consuming more than enough of those nutrients on daily basis.  

For this reason to avoid poor nutrition and its effect on your body the practice of eating balanced diet must be in existence. Balance diet in its short meaning is including the 6 classes of food in the right quantity and proportion in your daily meals.

Proper Nutrition is one way you can live in good health, this means preventing many illnesses, which may develop to chronic level. On the other hand, many people may misunderstand healthy eating to eating any food in large quantity. Thus, an individual may eat a large amount of junk food and describe it as good nutrition all because he gets enough feeding of it

Where can we find good nutrients?

Nutrients are the important things that the body needs in other to stay healthy and strong. It helps to keep the body nourished, sustain life and help growth. Those essential nutrients include carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamin, mineral, and water

Good nutrients are richly available in natural foods than in processed or canned foods. However, other foods that have little chemical processing can also have nutrients. It is therefore advisable to add some fruits and vegetables when consuming processed foods.

Effects of poor nutrition include

Exposes the body to different disease

It is more advisable to consume more natural foods that contain those vital nutrients. However, people tend to neglect those natural foods and rely more on canned and processed foods. Some other times when they prepare these foods, they fail to sum it up with complete nutrients. The effect comes with illness and when not controlled resulting in ignorance or lack the capacity can result in chronic disease. Such diseases as cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure.

It affects your physical appearance

One common effect of poor nutrition is that it not only endangers your health but it also reflects on your skin. Rather nourishes your skin and making it glow youthfully, it will hasten your skin to age faster by producing wrinkles. It also helps to introduce age-related diseases like the diabetes and stroke. 

It makes you gain weight

There is no way unhealthy foods can make you gain the normal weight since you are not adding the necessary required nutrients. Although gaining much weight may not occur suddenly but eating too much of one class of food in large quantity will help it. Mostly those foods that contain fats and sugar.

It prevents rapid growth

This mostly applies to children that are growing up, poor nutrition can hinder the growth of a child. It can make the child look less mature than his age causing him not to flow along with his age mates. Even adults who have to exceed the age of growth can still have depreciation in stature. 

Lacks motivation

Poor nutrition can work directly towards your mood, as an employee or a student it affects the way you think and concentrates on issues. On the side of the employee, they are always in the habit of taking sick leaves while the student will always look dull in classrooms,

Build thin stature

Although, constant and too much intake of fats can make you gain much weight but what about those junk foods. Those foods contain zero nutrients. Poor nutrition also involves eating a little amount of food or junk stuff that can still leave you feeling hungry. This lifestyle will only shrink your body leaving you with a thin stature.   

Makes you unable to thrive

Poor nutrition can keep you feeling weak and tired at all times since you are not feeding properly. The zeal to work hard might be in you but the ability becomes stressful. At a point, you see yourself becoming weak by taking too much rest. It may not be laziness but a result of poor feeding.

It can lead to physical disability

This can result mostly in older adults although children can also be included. In older adults, poor nutrition can cause disability when for instance after a brief or prolonged illness the bones become weak unable to stand. It may affect any other organs of the body causing disability.

Builds weak muscle

The nutrients that are derived from the consumption of those 6 classes of foods help in building strong muscle and bones. Muscles are responsible for contractibility; they attach to the bones and help in moving body joints flexible. It also maintains body posture. There is every good reason to support the muscle with good nutrition but where adequate nutrients are unavailable, the muscles become weak.